Our Online Store is Live!

Did you miss us at Smorgasburg LA last Sunday? No worries, we’ll be there again this Sunday from 10-6. Stop by, we’ll show you a magic trick.

But even bigger news: Our ONLINE STORE is live. Now you can shop our lovely wares anywhere, anytime.

Greeting cards by LA artist, Laura Plansker. Our line of Miss Havisham’s dinnerware. Antiques. All manner of tea related items.

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Well, WE Like You.

FullSizeRender (2).jpgCome find us at our booth this Sunday at Smorgasburg LA. Our custom line of teacups will get your point across.

A lady must always speak her mind.

Our Custom Line of Dinnerware is here!

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Food and dishwasher safe, our dinner plates have been known to cause more than a few dinner parties to go sideways.  Decorum, darling. Always maintain a modicum of decorum even when dining with the worst characters.

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Come find us Sundays at Smorgasburg LA so we can teach you some manners.

746 Market Ct., Los Angeles (parking lot and entrance off Alameda Street).

Miss Havisham’s Curiosities Joins Smorgasburg LA


Very pleased to announce that Miss Havisham’s Curiosities will be at Smorgasburg LA every Sunday beginning June 19th at the Alameda Produce Market in Downtown LA.

Antiques, housewares, local artists, and tea!


Come visit us and sample her fine wares, darling. Miss Havisham does not disappoint.


We’re Moving!

We have been remiss in our correspondence as of late but with good reason!

Darlings, Miss Havisham’s Tea is dipping our toe into new waters.

Firstly, we are moving our blog to www.MissHavishamsCuriosities.com.

Because we’re really more of a lifestyle movement after all, aren’t we dearies? Why limit ourselves to tea and gossip?

All of our content, social media, and discussion forums will now be in one lovely little hub.

Secondly, and this is a big one, we will be adding an online store in the near future.

So many of those trinkets we’ve showcased will eventually be available to you online. How else can a lady support her weekend flea market addiction?

And so it is out with the old and in with the new including our fancy new logo courtesy of Mr. Havisham (Thank you, Tim).

Miss Havishams

So please visit us at our new home, subscribe to our newsletter, and look out for more exciting announcements soon.


Miss Havisham’s Curiosities

We’re getting curiouser and curiouser…

The Green Room

This St. Patrick’s day, let’s turn away from the corned beef and cabbage, the shamrocks and green beer. Let’s say no to the excessive drinking, the leprechauns, and whatever other terrible stereotypes we misguided Americans have placed on this Irish holiday and turn our sites to loftier goals. Let’s look to the pure color green and welcome it into our homes versus stepping over a puddle of it in the street.

There are few things sexier than a green velvet couch as the focus of a room.


The verdant majesty above and many other fine green items were found on Eclectic Avenue.

Apparently Anthropologie loves green velvet as much as I do, look at the four below.

I coveted this green velvet Room and Board Murphy sofa until I remembered I have cats.


Maybe you’re lucky enough to come by a vintage one:

Or just hit up Ikea. This one is tempting.


Or you can have a velvet or leather one custom made from Roger and Chris. I love these guys. They are so nice and sent me leather samples and answered all my questions (regarding cats and leather). There is a chesterfield in my future when we move into our (hopefully Victorian) next house. You can also check out their show and as a special bonus, look at their amazing house on Apartment Therapy! I bet they’re a blast to hang out with.

If you’re ready to take the leap, consider green walls. I love how sophisticated and dark these rooms are.

34d090874909f33d772a6e2cb1835a40Dark-Living-room-with-Green-velvet-Couch-Redgreen walls1Emerald-Green-Rooms-1112__green_room9c7de39dab43db3c3eda77a94a544c5b

Or old worldly and charming.

Maybe you want a green roof. Warning: They’re very heavy, make sure your house can support one.NorweigenGreenRoofs20e23fff27166090b435f39ebbefd08d9green-roof-Norway

Or, dream big, how about a copper roof which will acquire a beautiful patina. Your own personal castle? Sigh.


What about a green victorian house?

Or maybe a green greenhouse? Ok. Ok.

At the very least, consider some plants or dishes or even a botanical print.

Want more green inspiration? Get all the luck of the Irish on Miss Havisham’s Pinterest page. You’ll find minty kitchens, leafy upholstery and beautiful botanical installations.


All the china…allll of it.

Rather than having strictly matching sets, my cupboards are filled with one-off antique china plates that I happen to fall in love with. They’re inexpensive and it’s like having ten different china patterns. If one breaks, you move on.  I’m not the only one who feels this way, have a look at the brilliant Cake Stand Heaven blog and shop. You can buy whole mismatched sets grouped by era and color.


Not everyone enjoys finding plates at flea markets and antique stores, however, and even I have succumbed to wanting a whole set or two of some patterns.

I have a nearly complete set of Blue Heaven. What’s great about this pattern, aside from it’s mid-mod vibe, is that you can find pieces of it everywhere: etsy, ebay, flea markets, and even on the Replacements site.


At the request of the lovely and talented author Susan Elia MacNeal, Miss Havisham has compiled a smattering of beautiful dishes for your table. They are dishwasher safe for the most part because we certainly don’t have time for anything else. Some are steals, some are extravagant, all are special.

These Pavoes plates feel like they were stolen from the Russian Tea Room. They are, in fact, based on a 17th century Portuguese design. Bring me a rustic boule and a flagon of wine now please.


This Adelaide pattern also comes in both pink and blue, but I prefer the black which can be tricky to find. It looks like pen and ink. The blue and pink are available at Macy’s.


This minimalist, yet haunting, every day set by Corelle is a steal. Act fast, they’re on sale. You can also have a custom set of plates printed to your specification at Zazzle. Dishwasher safe!

These Masked Skull plates by Rory Dobner are available online at  Liberty London. Gold trim, darlings.


I also love his Fantastic Mr. Fox plate, his bee and pirate plates.



I can see these exquisite Firenze Medici plates by Juliska moldering away on the table of Miss Havisham. They are inspired by handmade Venetian paper and available from Neiman Marcus. I encourage you to zoom in on the details.


I love these happy botanical plates also by Juliska.


The Simply Fine Chirp series from Lennox is available at Macy’s. This set has the advantage of a wide array of accessories from serving platters to table linens. You might also enjoy the Flutter  or Curious Toille series from Loveramics.



Who knew Christian Lacroix designed china? Save your pennies for this flight of fancy. The Vista Alegre Series.


A dish for every occasion. Sometimes a lady needs to go on safari and when you do, I hope you dine on Lynn Chase’s Jaguar Jungle.


If you’re lost in the woods, I hope you remember to bring your Dupaquier Dinnerware by Mottahedeh and if you are off for a horseback ride, snack from these pony cocktail plates from Pottery Barn.

And, of course, if you are slaying a dragon, please dine heartily on the Red Dragon plates before the kill; you’ll need your strength.


I was happy to see these at Pottery Barn right now. Poppies!


And this whole setup is fantastic. Spring has officially sprung at Pottery Barn. There are also table linens for all your spring desires.


I got these Jason Miller plates as a wedding gift and they are now in everyday rotation. I hate having to choose one thing definitively thereby excluding all my other options, so these were perfect, half china pattern, half black crow.


Seletti also understands my ambivalent nature. I might have to splurge on these hybrid masterpieces.


And I love pretty much anything that comes from Pipstudio especially their Royal Collection. Happy happy happy.


Melody Rose in the UK has some whimsical offerings. The trapeze plates are my favorite.

Whatever your pattern, whether it’s vintage or new, expensive or thrifty, don’t save your pretty dishes for special occasions only. I purchased a set of Jadeite dishes and cups a few years ago and they sat in my cabinet for way too long. The set was piecemeal, three cups and a few plates and eight, no NINE saucers. I couldn’t turn them down yet they sat unused for years. Finally, I just started using the extra saucers to feed the cats. It makes me happy every day. Life is short, don’t eat from ugly plates.

Want more inspiration? Follow Miss Havisham’s Tea on Pinterest.


PS: These only cost me five dollars. DEAL!