We’re Moving!

We have been remiss in our correspondence as of late but with good reason!

Darlings, Miss Havisham’s Tea is dipping our toe into new waters.

Firstly, we are moving our blog to www.MissHavishamsCuriosities.com.

Because we’re really more of a lifestyle movement after all, aren’t we dearies? Why limit ourselves to tea and gossip?

All of our content, social media, and discussion forums will now be in one lovely little hub.

Secondly, and this is a big one, we will be adding an online store in the near future.

So many of those trinkets we’ve showcased will eventually be available to you online. How else can a lady support her weekend flea market addiction?

And so it is out with the old and in with the new including our fancy new logo courtesy of Mr. Havisham (Thank you, Tim).

Miss Havishams

So please visit us at our new home, subscribe to our newsletter, and look out for more exciting announcements soon.


Miss Havisham’s Curiosities

We’re getting curiouser and curiouser…

All the china…allll of it.

Rather than having strictly matching sets, my cupboards are filled with one-off antique china plates that I happen to fall in love with. They’re inexpensive and it’s like having ten different china patterns. If one breaks, you move on.  I’m not the only one who feels this way, have a look at the brilliant Cake Stand Heaven blog and shop. You can buy whole mismatched sets grouped by era and color.


Not everyone enjoys finding plates at flea markets and antique stores, however, and even I have succumbed to wanting a whole set or two of some patterns.

I have a nearly complete set of Blue Heaven. What’s great about this pattern, aside from it’s mid-mod vibe, is that you can find pieces of it everywhere: etsy, ebay, flea markets, and even on the Replacements site.


At the request of the lovely and talented author Susan Elia MacNeal, Miss Havisham has compiled a smattering of beautiful dishes for your table. They are dishwasher safe for the most part because we certainly don’t have time for anything else. Some are steals, some are extravagant, all are special.

These Pavoes plates feel like they were stolen from the Russian Tea Room. They are, in fact, based on a 17th century Portuguese design. Bring me a rustic boule and a flagon of wine now please.


This Adelaide pattern also comes in both pink and blue, but I prefer the black which can be tricky to find. It looks like pen and ink. The blue and pink are available at Macy’s.


This minimalist, yet haunting, every day set by Corelle is a steal. Act fast, they’re on sale. You can also have a custom set of plates printed to your specification at Zazzle. Dishwasher safe!

These Masked Skull plates by Rory Dobner are available online at  Liberty London. Gold trim, darlings.


I also love his Fantastic Mr. Fox plate, his bee and pirate plates.



I can see these exquisite Firenze Medici plates by Juliska moldering away on the table of Miss Havisham. They are inspired by handmade Venetian paper and available from Neiman Marcus. I encourage you to zoom in on the details.


I love these happy botanical plates also by Juliska.


The Simply Fine Chirp series from Lennox is available at Macy’s. This set has the advantage of a wide array of accessories from serving platters to table linens. You might also enjoy the Flutter  or Curious Toille series from Loveramics.



Who knew Christian Lacroix designed china? Save your pennies for this flight of fancy. The Vista Alegre Series.


A dish for every occasion. Sometimes a lady needs to go on safari and when you do, I hope you dine on Lynn Chase’s Jaguar Jungle.


If you’re lost in the woods, I hope you remember to bring your Dupaquier Dinnerware by Mottahedeh and if you are off for a horseback ride, snack from these pony cocktail plates from Pottery Barn.

And, of course, if you are slaying a dragon, please dine heartily on the Red Dragon plates before the kill; you’ll need your strength.


I was happy to see these at Pottery Barn right now. Poppies!


And this whole setup is fantastic. Spring has officially sprung at Pottery Barn. There are also table linens for all your spring desires.


I got these Jason Miller plates as a wedding gift and they are now in everyday rotation. I hate having to choose one thing definitively thereby excluding all my other options, so these were perfect, half china pattern, half black crow.


Seletti also understands my ambivalent nature. I might have to splurge on these hybrid masterpieces.


And I love pretty much anything that comes from Pipstudio especially their Royal Collection. Happy happy happy.


Melody Rose in the UK has some whimsical offerings. The trapeze plates are my favorite.

Whatever your pattern, whether it’s vintage or new, expensive or thrifty, don’t save your pretty dishes for special occasions only. I purchased a set of Jadeite dishes and cups a few years ago and they sat in my cabinet for way too long. The set was piecemeal, three cups and a few plates and eight, no NINE saucers. I couldn’t turn them down yet they sat unused for years. Finally, I just started using the extra saucers to feed the cats. It makes me happy every day. Life is short, don’t eat from ugly plates.

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PS: These only cost me five dollars. DEAL!

Love Will Tear Us Apart: Valentine’s Day is Back

No one understands the horror that Valentine’s Day can inspire more than dear Miss Havisham.

Truly Valentine’s day isn’t fun for everyone. If you too dread the red hearts and boxed chocolates, I encourage you to embrace the following.

To begin, you may want to swear off carnal love and buy yourself a chastity belt. Here’s an antique one that was auctioned off a few years ago found on Philip Chasen Antiques. Don’t do that.


The Bronx Zoo wants you to name a cockroach after your your ex and so does Miss Havisham.


Buzzfeed has compiled the best of the worst vintage Valentine’s day cards ever. And if you still can’t find one that perfectly expresses your current situation, try the Vintage Valentine Museum blog for more.


You can try to be proactive and order a love potion kit on etsy. What’s in this?????


You can just drink away the pain with someone you wish to…ahem…commiserate with.


May we suggest the delicious sounding Good Old Fashioned Heartbreak cocktail from Julip Made. I can only assume that the dish towel pictured below is for mopping up your bitter bitter tears.


Or you can seek some good old fashioned revenge on the one(s) responsible for your heartbreak.


And then some more revenge…vintage voodoo doll!


Then you can listen to Morrissey or The Magnetic Fields or something very very emo and get your gumption up by reading this beautiful story of love-when-you-least-expect-it by the talented Ms. Dixie Laite on The Lost Art of Being a Dame blog.

Then yes, get thee to Agent Provacateur like Dixie did or What Katie Did (see below).


And if indeed you do wish to celebrate, do so in style darlings. Skip on down to the Queen Mary for their Vintage Valentine’s dinner. You can stay over and cuddle with the ghosts of this floating hotel of (delicious) hauntings.


Share your worst Valentine’s Day story with Miss Havisham. Email us at dearmisshavisham@gmail.com and we promise to make you feel better.